Whirlpool Extended Service Plans Whirlpool Extended Service Plans Whirlpool Extended Service Plans

Reliability You Expect from Whirlpool

With Whirlpool Extended Service Plans, you can extend the life of your appliances and keep them operating at peak performance. Owning an extended service plan protects your appliances from costly repairs and unnecessary expenses.

When you purchase Whirlpool Extended Service Plans, you'll receive these benefits:

  • Convenient service scheduling – call us 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year if you need to schedule service
  • No hidden fees – our plans have either a $0 or $25 deductible per claim, which is all you'll ever pay on a covered claim
  • Service you can trust – call and we’ll send an Authorized Service Technician
  • Repair or replace – if your appliance can't be repaired due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown, we'll replace it
  • Affordability – a single repair bill on an appliance can average $154 - $252

And the best part is...most brands you have in your home are eligible for coverage!

Purchase an extended service plan, find information, and more all on this one website.

Refer to Terms and Conditions for complete details, including obligors, administrators, limitations and exclusions. In TX, the obligor is Federal Warranty Service Corporation.